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Dr. Ronald J. Knox, Optometry Services in Watertown, NY
Dr. Ronald Knox
Dr. Ryan Knox, Optometry Services in Watertown, NY
Dr. Ryan Knox

For dependable and quality optometry services, visit Meade Optical in Watertown, New York and Lowville,NY. Our optometry office provides a wide selection of eye care services and products to meet your needs: A complete selection of hearing services and hearing aids.

Eye Care Services include:

• Optos Retinal Exam
• Glaucoma Screening
• Cataracts Screening
• Macular Degeneration
• Comprehensive Eye Exams

• Evaluation of Cataracts
• Eye Infection Treatments
• Laser Vision Co-Management
• Retinal Problems & More


Exceptional Customer Service
You won't receive better customer service at any other office. We accomplish this by offering convenient and efficient service. In addition, to ensure you receive the best, you never have to wait to see a doctor.

Vision Correction
You do not have to get surgery to correct your vision. Dr. Ryan Knox specializes in orthokeratology, which is a non-surgical vision correction process.

Our Office
Meade Optical established in 1914 as a family-owned-and-operated optometry office. We have licensed specialists and two Optical Doctors on staff to offer the latest eyewear, contact lenses, and hearing aids. We also practice the most recent up-to-date optical services.

Contact us to set up an appointment at our office for an eye exam, which we recommend you receive once a year.

Most Insurances Accepted including Medicare & TRICARE®

Same Day Service Available

Serving Northern New York including: Lewis, Lowville, Watertown, Jefferson

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